An exceptional nature

The marvelous Côte Vermeille

The meeting of the Pyrénées and the Méditerranéan creates a natural setting of great beauty. The lights paint the hills covered with vineyards, olive groves, forests of cork and holm oaks, and the sea, which sparkles, reflecting the sky. Easy to understand why artists like Matisse set their frame on this fabulous landscape. Each season offers us a different color palette, all spectaculars. And when the night sets its veil to offer us dark and bluish hues, it’s magic!

Difficult to stop photographing as we would like to capture this beauty as a treasure of every moment.

The framework for all your adventures

Walking, boating, tennis, diving, cycling…

Set off on the coastal path just in front of the villa for a short or long hike dotted with creeks. Go to the charming tennis club, where Cédric offers you his courts in the shade of the oak trees. Contact Hervé to rent a boat with or without a licence. On the Saint Vincent beach, chat with the instructors of the nautical club to learn about paddle or sailing. And also think about going underwater to see the preserved aquatic life of the marine reserve with Julien’s team. Will you still have time for a tour of the paths to the peaks on a scooter or bike?

And enter the sea to swim in a grandiose setting.

A bath in heritage

Collioure, so much history and charm

What a privilege to run barefoot from an early age in such a beautiful village. Not a colliourenc.que that does not feel this powerful feeling of belonging to a unique place and which offers so many splendours. What a joy to gaze at the bay that seduced the Romans, adorned with its church with a steeple planted on the sea facing the royal castle. Between the two picturesque, car-free alleys where the little ones play freely before tumbling onto one of the beaches. The ritual at any age is to go around the village by the sea, to better appreciate all the points of view.

The pleasure is the same when you immerse yourself with delight in salt water to swim in the center of the panorama.

The sense of gastronomy

Fresh and local products for gourmet chefs

From “street food” revisited in local fashion to starred meals, the range of our restaurants satisfies all appetites. Lovers of classic and natural wines always find what they are looking for. Local beers and seasonal fruit juices are invited as an aperitif. In each season, its market products from our farmers often converted to organic. Without forgetting the fresh and local fish, bought at the foot of the boats as soon as you return from fishing. And for grilled meats, farmed meats from our nearby mountains are tasty. Not to mention the cheeses, which also vary according to the season and the menu of sheep, goats and cows from here.

In short, we enjoy ourselves and we like to share our good addresses!

Go on a trip

So many ideas to broaden the horizon

With itineraries with splendid landscapes by train, motorbike, bicycle or car, the idea of getting away a little to come back better makes sense. Spain 30 km away offers a whiff of Catalan culture so close and so different. The beach of Argelès unrolls its 7 km with a splendid view and its perfect clubs for a relaxing day. The villages of the hinterland, all charming and less visited which deserve to be known. The paths of the ponds with its oyster huts or those that go around a lake with a breathtaking view of the Canigou, our sacred mountain. The paths that lead to a magnificent vestige of history lost in the middle of nature where one seems to have arrived at the end of the world.

And the magic of returning to Collioure, just for the pleasure of feeling at home.

Come and come back to Collioure, on a getaway to Villa Casaroom!